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2011 WMA Championships
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Feature Presentation

2011 World Master Athlete's Championship Sacramento, CA.

Event 728 Track & Field M50 High Jump Awards Ceremony


Day-in-the-Life of Video : Bruce McBarnette, USA Track and Field’s masters program (men over 55 years of age), US record holder in the indoor high jump.


Sporting Events

We also specialize in filming amateur sporting events, such as track and field, youth sports and golf outings. Aspiring athletes may hire sports videographers to create scouting videos. Parents might hire a sports videographer to produce and edit their child's first soccer game. High schools and colleges hire sports videographers to create videos for coaching aides. We will film your sporting event and provide you with a great memory and videos to share with friends and families.



Our Golf Video Caddy Package - $395

Our golf video caddy will meet you at the golf course and film your entire round of golf, capturing all your golf shots.  Afterwards, we will edit the video, add music, and upload the footage to the internet for your viewing pleasure. You can share your golf video with your local golf professional to improve your golf game.

1. One video of 18 holes of golf (up to 4 golfers)

2. Titles, menus and music created with professional studio software.

3. Approx. 60 minutes of footage

What’s Extra

Duplicate DVDs - $35 ea.

Extra Hour of Coverage - $200

Raw Footage on DVD - $190

  * mileage charge for distances outside the Bay Area.

Our Basic Half-Day Package - $795

Basic packages will typically include one professional Sony 1080i HDV camera coverage of the event only, roughly 90 to 120 minutes, with appropriate lighting, and a minimum of one edited video, with or without music. One planning session to discuss style, possible intro, photo montage, a special features section featuring a history of the event and guest interviews, all of which can be a part of your video at no additional cost. Collaboration with our clients for creative insight. We really emphasize bringing in different layers of creativity and personalization to our projects.

1. Six hours of videography at one location.*

2. 1 1/2 - 2 hours of your most important moments recorded

3. 2 final copies on DVD with chapters & final credits.

4. Titles, menus and music created with professional studio software.

Expert editing requiring a minimum of 40 hours of work for an average project.

Bay Area Maker Faire - Arc Attack - May 18, 2014

ArcAttack is a performance art group that specializes in playing music using two custom built singing Tesla coils, which have been modified to play musical notes by modulating their spark output. The group also uses a robot drum kit, which is computer controlled via a custom micro controller, that has been programmed to interpret MIDI data and mechanically actuate its drum sticks accordingly.

The Stairwell Sisters - Berkeley Earth Day 2012

San Francisco’s all-gal old-time teardown, The Stairwell Sisters, play a deep and rowdy repertoire of timeless tunes plus a solid standing of smart, original material that is winning praise on a national level. The Stairwell Sisters lay down concerts and square dances for counter-culturalists everywhere, infusing the old music with intoxicating energy and soul.

2011 WMA Championship - High Jump Mens 50

Part of a Day-In-The-Life-Of Video with Bruce McBarnette at the 2011 WMA World Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships featuring the High Jump Mens 50 Medal Ceremony from Hornet Stadium,  Sacramento, CA.

Gold Medal : McBarnette, Bruce M53 United States

Silver Medal : Vidos, Gregory M50 United States

Bronze Medal : Foley, Thomas M52 United States

General Strike Flash Mob - November 2, 2011

Flash Mob doing the Occupy Oakland version of "I Will Survive....Capitalism". A General Strike and Mass Day of Action at the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza called for by Occupy Oakland against an economic system built on inequality & corporate power that perpetuates racism, sexism & the destruction of the environment.