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Object Photography

CVS also provides Object Photography, which allows the viewer to see around an object. With the increase of products being sold online, there is a need to be able to 'spin' a product around, to be able to see it from all angles. With our new 3-D Object solution, we can easily create 3-D object movies of your favorite Pokemon™ characters, Barbie™ dolls, Hot Wheels™ cars or any object you desire (up to 30 pounds in weight). You can then post this 3-D image to your personal web site or use it to showcase and sell your objects on e-commerce or auction web sites, such as eBay or

Multiple Lights Examples

Product Photography

With online images becoming the key factor for consumers in making their online shopping choices, product photography provides quality imagery that will greatly appeal to consumers while putting your business far ahead of the competition.

We specializing in 2 types of product photography, one showcasing clean images with white or black backgrounds and minimal shadows or we can style the composition, background and lighting to make your product stand out by emphasizing the individuality of your brand.

Some products often include a mixture of reflective and absorbent textures that need to be lit with care. Surfaces sometimes reflect not only highlights, but the entire environment around the object including windows, lighting fixtures and (inadvertently) the camera.

During the post-production of the image, we can use Photoshop compositing techniques to add the elements defining various working states of the product. An example of this would be an ON and OFF indicator light within the image.