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All minerals have the ability to reflect light. That is what makes them visible to the human eye. A few minerals have an interesting physical property known as "fluorescence". These minerals have the ability to temporarily absorb a small amount of light and an instant later release a small amount of light of a different wavelength. This change in wavelength causes a temporary color change of the mineral in the eye of a human observer. The color change of fluorescent minerals is most spectacular when they are illuminated in darkness by ultraviolet light (which is not visible to humans) and they release visible light.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society is an international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study and collect fluorescent minerals. The society was founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1993.

Fluorescent Minerals - Click Image For Larger View

Deep Green Fluorite Crystals with Galena Crystals formed on natural quartz matrix from the Rogerley Mine, Weardale, County Durham, England, UK. Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.1 x 4.2 cm.

Large Double-sided Iridescent Fluorescent Nailhead Calcite Crystals on Quartz with Iridescent Pyrite Crystals from El Hammam Mine,  Morocco. Dimensions: 5-1/2" width by 7" in length by 3" thick.

Gemmy Calcite Crystals (uncut) from Charcas, Mexico. Dimensions: 2" width by 2-5/8" length by 2-1/8" thick.

Cerussite Crystals with a few Barite Crystals on Galena from Morocco. Dimensions: 3" width by 3" length by 1-1/8" thick.

Large uncut piece of fluorescent Calcite, Willemite and Smithsonite from the "Purple Passion Mine" in AZ. Dimensions: 4" width by 5" length by 2-3/8" thick.

Bladed Calcite Crystals on bright fluorescing Smithsonite from Ojuela, Mexico. Dimensions: 2" width by 3" length by 1-1/4" thick.

Druse Quartz Crystals on Calcite from Charcas, Mexico. Dimensions: 3" width by 5-3/4" length by 1-7/8" thick.

Fluor-uvite Tourmaline with Diopside Crystal from Bush Farm, Gouverneur, NY.  Dimensions: 1-1/2" width by 1-5/8" length by 1-1/2" thick, the Crystal is 5/8" width.

Hoppered Cerussite Xls Crystals from Mibladen, Atlas Mountains, Khénifra Province, Morocco.